High power. Well done.

PowerDesigns PD-Axiom is a 400V 300A continuous motor drive based upon VESC firmware. Made to endure.

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High Power

Capable of 400V, 100kW continuous or YOU decide by interchanging power stages.


IGBT modules readily available for 400V to 800V and 50A to 300A continuous operation. More options coming soon!


Hardware overcurrent/voltage/temp trips, short-circuit protection, battery protection and extensive fault display and logging.

Field Oriented Control

Get the latest in advanced control for brushless DC motors or PMAC motors. IPM and Induction motor control coming soon.

Who we are

Sometimes the perfect dish is created from spices, flavours and base ingredients combined in unexpected ways to create something new and exciting. With his fearlessness to discover through experiment and full up builds, Arlin’s trajectory was one of learning by doing. This is balanced by Sonny’s more traditional approach designing from first principles, in accordance with training as a power electronics and power systems engineer, to seek out solutions where none previously existed. Marcos and Maximiliano had been working together as a team for years, developing systems and methods for the design process, manufacturing new technologies. The four story lines came together simultaneously when each person used their unique background experience to solve the design challenge of the other, to complete the world’s first open source high performance motor drive.

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